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Fast food refers to foods which can be prepared as well as served very fast Al-Saad, 2016. These foods may be a perfect way towards saving time; nonetheless, it is not an appropriate manner for nutrition. Examples of fast food include chips, sandwiches, salads, carbonated beverages, gum, candy, milkshakes, pizzas, and so on. After the completion of the first 3 day food diary the participants are provided with information about the dangers of diets that include fast foods on a regular bases with high saturated fats and sodium intakes and the complications and difficulties that they can implicate in one’s quality of life. Food Education in America -The dangers of fast food Since it first opened its doors in 1940, by Richard and Maurice McDonald, with its single location in San Bernardino California, Mcdonald 's has been luring the working class into their restaurants by offering hot and ready meals for a reasonable price.


Dangers of fast food essay:
Fast food products are high in fat, rich in cholesterol, heavy carbohydrates and salt. Regular snacks in the fast food restaurant chain impact on our health, and it becomes noticeable on our appearance. Dim hair, brittle nails, oily skin and acne are the result of eating fast food, namely metabolic disorders. Lastly, fast food restaurants provide us food with food content that gives us very little nutritious content. They use very cheap ingredients which make fast food contain high amounts of sodium, cholesterol, fat and calories which can cause certain diseases like obesity, high blood pressure, and other heart diseases. Essay Should Fast Food Be Banned? Should Fast Food Be Banned in Colleges Eating junk food isn’t always bad, but if you are a college student who has no choice but to eat junk food because you are in a dorm all day and the cafeteria food is just disgusting, then your health could be in danger.


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Our Children and The Danger of Fast Food The popularity of fast food is spreading rapidly among many people, mostly due to the following three main reasons good taste, convenience, and price. Also, fast food companies are smart in placing themselves in many different countries around the world. There are three basic causes why people consume fast food time, cost, and convenience. One of the reason people buy fast food is because the time required to cook sometimes is very long but people are hungry and need to eat, so fast food helps with that problem.


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Fast food provide food of different taste and culture, allowing customers to choose the type of food they would like to eat. Wolverson M. N. 2009 Fast food provide consumers a wide range of food to choose from, for example burgers, pizza, tacos and many others. Causes Impaired Digestion. One of the junk food effects on the stomach is that it causes digestive problems like gastroesophageal reflux disease GERD and irritable bowel syndrome IBS. The reason is, these fast foods are deep fried and the oil from the food gets accumulated in the stomach, causing acidity. Spicy junk foods can also irritate the lining of your stomach.

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