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You could argue that it is basically the artist biography in list form. However, your artist biography includes more information about you as an artist and not just bullet points. An artist bio talks about your work and your ideas and inspirations. It incorporates your history and connects how your life events have influenced your artwork. The very first thing you need for your bio is a hook that’s going to capture your reader’s attention. The way to do this is to pull them in with a short story or quick line that is as unique as you are, and that flows really well. Write out the informal personal bio on another piece of paper and include all circled elements from the brainstorming list. While writing in the third person reads more professionally than writing in the third person, informal personal bios are acceptable if written in the first person.


How to write an artist bio:
Bonus Step Continue to Enhance Your Biography as You Evolve. When you write your artist biography you want it to be the best expression of your career, but don’t forget that your career is continually developing. Make sure your artist biography progresses with you. Add in and switch out professional achievements as your success and knowledge grows. Write The Perfect Artist Bio Copy and Paste. That’s right – you heard it here first. Prompt Yourself. Sometimes it can be easier to respond to questions instead. Find your Voice. It might be easier said than done, but try to aim for professionalism. Break it Down. Concisely summarising your. While writing a creative personal bio you may need some guidance, and that's OK. It can be difficult to write because you have limited space. Your creative personal bio must be short and concise. It should highlight your uniqueness and show off your abilities, skills and experience.


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Keep the biography structure short, concise and to the point. 2. Try to write the bio differently 2 or 3 times and then have someone with good writing. 3. Get an artist s who you respect and admire to read your final version. 4. Finally, after any changes are made as described above. Artist bios are always written in the third person so never use the word I, always use pronouns such as he/she/they or use the artist’s surname. Info to include in your artist bio. Artist name. Where the artist lives and works. The medium they work in. A sentence or two on key themes in the artist work.


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In order to write your artist bio, you should think like an advertising executive. This is all about marketing and sales. After all, music is a business and to have success you will need revenues money, income from sales. Always found on a professional photographer’s site, the bio can make or break you. In a world where creatives have only minutes to make a decision whether to hire you, the bio can play a major role. A biography provides a glimpse into your personality and gives others a sense of what you might be like to work with.

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